Home in Kefalonia

Why choose Kefalonia New Homes for your property in Kefalonia?


​If you are considering building your dream home in Kefalonia, here are some of the reasons why you should choose Kefalonia New Homes.​


More than 25 years of excellence in property development​ for international customers


We have been operating successfully since 1988. During this time we have built several properties for customers around the globe and have come across and dealt with every situation and complication imaginable.


​We deal with all our clients honestly


All future costs are clearly explained to you before you enter into an agreement with us. Our building costs and purchase costs are clear and unambiguous and there are no hidden charges.


We build quality properties


This may sound obvious but before you sign on the dotted line we would like you to be sure that level of workmanship and quality of the materials we use adhere to the strict construction regulations and safety guidelines set out by the Greek government. It is no secret that Greece occasionally experiences earthquakes and this is the main reason safety is our top priority. Please do go through our photo gallery and take a closer look at the quality of concrete and timber and amount of steel we put in the properties we build.​​


We are Greek


When it comes to property development, local knowledge is paramount to operating successfully. We have worked hard to establish and maintain strong relationships with property development experts on the island. These include construction engineers, architects, builders, plumbers, electricians and many more. We only work with highly skilled professionals, most of whom we have known for several years.​


We are British!


Chris, the CEO of Kefalonia New Homes, was born and educated in London and worked in the UK for over 15 years before moving to Greece in 2008. When it comes to customer service, communication, professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail you can feel confident that we adopt the British mentality!


​We offer a large number of services


We may be small but we offer a large number of add-on services. Some of these (including some less obvious ones such as professional interior design) we offer completely free of charge.​


Our price/quality combination is simply unbeatable


We use materials of the highest quality in all aspects of construction and offer many luxury features as standard yet our prices remain extremely competitive. We have created a strong network of banking advisors, accountants, lawyers and other professionals who can guide you through the process of owning your first property on Kefalonia.